Cell Culture

In the cell culture labs we cultivate primary human and murine bone cells, progenitor cells, ligament fibroblasts and cells from the nucleus and annulus of intervertebral discs. Additionally, we have a range of osteoblastic and fibroblastic cell lines (human origin: TERT4, hFOB1.19, SAOS, MG-63, murine origin: MC3T3, MLOY-4, BALB, L929) in our cell bank.

Beside the usual equipment of a modern cell culture laboratory, different special apparatus for the investigation of the influence of mechanical stresses on connective tissue cells are available for the application of strain or pressure. The machines were developed in our institute.

Since 1999 we have been accredited as a testing laboratory for the in vitro biocompatibility testing of biomaterials.

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Biomechanics Summer Course 2014, July 22-25
Travel Bursary of DAdorW for Esther Wehrle
Presentation award of MAOF /LMU e. V. for Anna Rapp
3rd Poster Award of the German Spine Society for our Guest Researcher Graciosa Teixeira
Poster Award of the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) for Anna Rapp et al.
Wilhelm Roux Award for Julia Kemmler et al.
Eurospine 2013 Best Full Paper Award for Dr. Sandra Reitmaier
(Interview with S. Reitmaier)
Graduation award for Fabio Galbusera
Best Poster Award for Anna Rapp et al. at the Advanced Summer School in Porto
EFIS Bursary for Anna Rapp for the Advanced Summer School ""Interrogations at the biointerface" in Porto